[erlang-questions] Strings - deprecated functions

PAILLEAU Eric eric.pailleau@REDACTED
Sat Dec 2 11:36:43 CET 2017


Erlang release version of first introduction would be as well very 
usefull for people wanting to let their code compatible with some releases.
Edoc tag  @since  exists...

Another annoying thing I think is that documentation does not help to 
write your code quickly :

in documentation you got for instance for maps module :

find(Key, Map) -> {ok, Value} | error

I offen copy and paste possible return values for a 'case' and have to 
rewrite all. As well module name is missing, having to always think to 
add it.

Would be very nice to have a prepared case statement with all possible 
return value in clipboard when clicking on function.
case maps:find(Key, Map) of
	{ok, Value} ->  ;
         error       ->

Le 27/11/2017 à 08:06, ok@REDACTED a écrit :
> An alphabetic list has two uses:
>   1. find a function with (approximately) known semantics
>      but unknown name
>   2. find the documentation for a known name.
> Splitting the documentation into two lists hurts 2 without
> actually helping 1.
> A more informative approach would be to have a line
> added: 12.3 deprecated: 20.3 to be removed: 24.0
> perhaps with dates, and it should be possible to generate at
> least the 'added:' and 'deprecated:' parts automatically.
> "added" = JavaDoc "since".  Compare also the macOS X
> __OSX_AVAILABLE_STARTING(<macos vsn>, <ios vsn>)
> __OSX_AVAILABLE_BUT_DEPRECATED(<macos in vsn>, <macos out vsn>,
>      <ios in vsn>, <ios out vsn>)
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