[erlang-questions] type specification of functions with same signature

Karlo Kuna kuna.prime@REDACTED
Sat Oct 22 20:48:53 CEST 2016

let's say we have two function specifications:

-spec foo(list(), atom()) -> boolean().


-spec bar(list(), atom()) -> boolean().

is it possible to do something like this:

-type my_f() :: fun ((list(),atom())->boolean()).

and then:

-spec foo :: my_f().
-spec bar :: my_f().

i couldn't find a way of doing this
this would remove code duplication in type specifications
also i think it would make code *much* clearer

for example (bad one):

in higher order function

%% module1.erl
-spec hfoo(T,F) -> ok when
    T :: any(),
    F :: my_f().


%% module2.erl

-spec my_algorithm :: module1:my_f().

here i can express with type specification that i'm implementing function
that will be compatible with module1:hfoo/2 and possible others

is there way to achieve this in current erlang and if not are there any
plans to include something similar in future versions?
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