[erlang-questions] Building OTP 18.3 on OS X "ODBC library - header check failed"

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> So I'm trying to build OTP 18.3 on OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and seem to be
> running into a problem where odbc libraries/headers aren't being
> found.

>     odbc           : ODBC library - header check failed
> I can verify that /usr/local/include contains iodbcext.h, iodbcunix.h,
> isqlext.h, sql.h, sqltypes.h, iodbcinst.h, isql.h, isqltypes.h,
> odbcinst.h, sqlext.h, sqlucode.h, so it definitely seems like the
> headers should be discoverable.

It turns out the cause of this is that at least around the time of
Mavericks, clang on OS X does not look in /usr and /usr/local for
headers (and probably libs) by default.

This can apparently be changed by running:

     xcode-select --install

See this stack overflow question:


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