[erlang-questions] How to disable parentheses matching in Erlang shell?

Sverker Eriksson sverker.eriksson@REDACTED
Tue May 17 15:10:48 CEST 2016

Could you test this fix and see if it makes the cursor behave
when connected with to_erl/run_erl.

git fetch https://github.com/sverker/otp sverker/ttsl_drv-move-down

/Sverker, Erlang/OTP

On 05/15/2016 11:45 PM, Grzegorz Junka wrote:
> I just realized what is likely causing the problem. When I start the 
> shell with erl and type in this testing string (with spaces so it's 
> longer) it all works fine:
> lists:sort([{a, 1}, {b, 2}, {c, 3}, {d, 4}, {e, 5}, {f, 6}, {g, 7}, 
> {h, 8}, {i, 9}, {j, 10}]).
> But I very rarely use Erlang shell in this way. Most of the time I am 
> connecting to running Erlang nodes using to_erl specifying the shell's 
> PID. Then it breaks, probably because my terminal size doesn't match 
> the default terminal size with which the shell has been originally 
> started.
> When I then try to type in the same example the shell will match each 
> {} correctly but as soon as I type ']' to close the list the cursor 
> jumps to the line above, then some other place when I type ')'.
> So it's not related to the environment but to the way I am using 
> Erlang shell. Is there any solution to that?
> Grzegorz

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