[erlang-questions] Web Service Samples

Rodrigo Dominguez mails@REDACTED
Sun May 8 02:19:55 CEST 2016

I'm looking into building Web Services in Erlang as a backend for web

I'm wondering if there are nice open source projects I can look at, any
open source app with cowboy or webmachine would be nice.

I tried to look on code search engines for projects using cowboy or
webmachine but I couldn't fine end user applications, I meant, most of the
projects I found were tools or modules to build applications, but not
complete applications that coudl be deployed and used by end users.

To give you an example of applications I've been building:

* A backend for game applications where a client can register, login,
search for other users, get into a team, record metrics of games,
reportings of it.
* A backend for an auction system where users can register, publish an
auction, list for auctions, bid, etc.
* A backend for a CMS, where users can create and collaborate in a document
at the same time.

Thank you

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