[erlang-questions] Rhetorical structure of code: Anyone interested in collaborating?

Raoul Duke raould@REDACTED
Tue May 3 03:09:47 CEST 2016

Personally I think this particular hypothetical "possibly every button
anybody has ever pressed in the history of this project, ever" tooling
would not be a priority in terms of ROI. I would rather be talking about
tools that help us study and grok the code as it stands at 'head' of the

But if we're going to get narrowed down on this "history" tooling:

I would not want the tooling to save everything unless it were able to
clearly show the path finally chosen & hide all the others, and did that by

If I want to then add in some stuff about "you might think doing X would be
'better' but I tried that and it failed, see <href to logs>" based on the
tooling, sure, but even then I would want that to perhaps be a compressed
and cleaned up story, not the full log of every little thing I did that was
down the wrong path.

Since there is so much that goes into making code, I think we should strive
to make a clean and coherent story as much as possible as the first way
things are "rendered" to help future people just get on with life. :-)
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