[erlang-questions] Alternative tool to replace appmon

YuanZhiqian on-your-mark@REDACTED
Fri Feb 26 01:06:56 CET 2016

Thank you so much! 

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> 在 2016年2月26日,03:28,Alex Shneyderman <a.shneyderman@REDACTED> 写道:
> observer is an alternative as the other poster noted.
>>  Besides, I also would like to know if there's any such tools working under
>> command line, I have no idea how I can use tools like appmon remotely, if
>> only there's a command-line version, that would be convenient for me to ssh
>> to the remote node and get all the info I want with it.
> https://mfeckie.github.io/Remote-Profiling-Elixir-Over-SSH/
> https://gist.github.com/pnc/9e957e17d4f9c6c81294
> to connect observer to remote node.

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