[erlang-questions] live audio output from erlang on mac

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Thu Feb 18 13:49:19 CET 2016


I want to generate raw sound samples and play them almost immediately on my mac.

I can do this by making wav files and call afplay so I know I can make
and play sounds.

That I want is to do is send sound samples to a server (probably using TCP) and
get the server to play them.

Can anybody suggest suitable software to do this?

Note I've contemplated the following:

1) I can build port audio but I'd need to write a TCP (or whatever) interface.
2) Pulse Audio seems to be able to do this - but the project for a mac port
   seems to have been abandoned.
3) I wrote my own TCP server and with a core audio interface (in C) but the
   code sucks and tricky things like splicing wave changes when the signal goes
   to zero seem pretty tricky to do properly - and I have to use pthreads which
   is unbelievably horrible.
4) The supercollider backend (scsynth) might be able to do this - but how to
   do this is undocumented.
5) I think I could send RTP packets to VLC and configure VLC to play
the samples,
   but haven't tried this.

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