[erlang-questions] ANN: hdr-histogram-erl 0.3

Darach Ennis darach@REDACTED
Tue Feb 16 15:00:24 CET 2016

Hi folk,

A new release of HDR histogram for Erlang, Elixir and LFE with the following
community contributions and fixes:

* Bugfix for NIF allocated resource freeing by @timofey-barmin
* Bugfix for CentOS by @mniec
* Rebar3 support by @jlouis


hdr-histogram-erl is a high dynamic range histogram that supports recording
and analyzing sampled data points across a configurable range with
configurable precision within that range. The precision is expressed as a
number of significant figures in the recording.


This HDR histogram implementation is designed for recording histograms of
value measurements in latency sensitive environments. Although the native
recording times can be as low as single digit nanoseconds there is added
overhead in this wrapper/binding due to both the frontend overhead of
converting from native C to the NIF interface, and the erlang overhead
incurred calling into the NIFs.

A distinct advantage of this histogram implementation is constant space and
recording (time) overhead with an ability to recycle and reset instances
whilst reclaiming already allocated space for reuse thereby reducing
allocation cost and garbage collection overhead in the BEAM where repeated
or continuous usage is likely. For example, a gen_server recording metrics
continuously and resetting and logging histogram dumps on a periodic or
other windowed basis.

There's now quite a few folk using this library during development and
production. If you depend on it in some way please ping and make yourself
known. Very interested in collecting experiences and hearing how this can
be improved for your use case.



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