[erlang-questions] Setting in lager the log level during runtime

Mark Allen mrallen1@REDACTED
Sun Feb 14 21:19:55 CET 2016

The OTP docs for gen_event:call state:
If the specified event handler is not installed, the function returns {error,bad_module}.

I see that the application is loaded from the screen shot; did you start the lager application and a console backend before trying to set a new log level?  "Starting" the application registers lager_console_backend as a gen_event handler. You may also want to use lager:trace_console/1


    On Sunday, February 7, 2016 11:06 AM, Martin Koroudjiev <mrtndimitrov@REDACTED> wrote:

 I have to trace a bug on a production server running lager. I connected to the node and tried to change the log level to debug but got a strange error - bad_module.
 I've checked and lager is running. Here is a screenshot of the commands:
 Thanks in advance,
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