[erlang-questions] Right way to terminate process chain

Alexander Petrovsky askjuise@REDACTED
Sun Feb 7 14:31:43 CET 2016


By example I have the follow chain:

x_sup -> x:start_link ->
               {ok, YPid} = y:start_link(self())
                                   {ok, ZPid} = z:start_link(self())

So, X knows only YPid, Y knows both XPid and ZPid, Z knows only YPid. All
processes are gen_servers. How to terminate the whole chain of the
processes when any process can terminate with 'normal' reason?

I have only two ideas:
- trap_exit, catch EXIT message and terminate
- call gen_server(XPid|YPid|ZPid) from terminate callback in every process,
but it causes 'little temporary' deadlock.

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