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The syntax of compile is wrong. 

-compile[{$1}, {$2}]
-compile([{$1, $2}]).

> On 02 Feb 2016, at 04:56, mohit Agrawal <mohit3081989@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I am new to Erlang, I have been trying to install Erlang and Ejabberd on EC2 ubuntu machine, everything went well till I started compiling some external modules in ejabberd. It started throwing error "undefined parse transform 'lager_transform'". I tried everything which is as below :
> Did rebar get-deps, make clean, make deps, make install. After this I am able to see that lager_transform.beam is made and present in //lib/ folder.
> Checked rebar.config file, it had lager deps on top, which is widely suggested, no help even after that.
> Added -compile[{parse_tranform},{lager_transform}] on top of module, even then their is no luck.
> I am really blocked on this, and not able to complete the installation. I have done this before on fedora with Ejabberd 15.11 and otp 18.2, at that time it was using p1_logger instead of lager. But now when I am installing fresh with otp 18.2 and Ejabberd 16.0 or 15.11, I am getting lager_transform undefined error.
> Please suggest and help
> -- 
> Mohit Agrawal
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