[erlang-questions] Erlang Eddie -- son of?

Mon Aug 22 23:03:24 CEST 2016

Hi Ola,

Thanks for the clue! 

Given my quick dive into the web, BlueTail has an interesting history. No doubt there is an even more fascinating story behind the web posts:

Ericcson  -- 1999 A group from the CS-lab then started Bluetail Ab with Jane as CEO, and sold it 18 months later for 150MUSD -> 

(Last Sourceforge modification of Eddie: December 15, 2000 under  Erlang Public License -- EPL)) 
(May 28, 2000) BlueTail Ab sold to Alteon WebSystems Inc. for About $152 Million -> 
(October 4, 2000) Alteon Websystems sold to Nortel Networks for $7.8 billion in stock-> 

(February 22, 2009) Nortel Networks sold the Alteon application switching line to Radware
 $17.7 million 

Making Money from Erlang 

Joe Armstrong

The Strange Story of Erlang's Success

So, now, I wonder what happened to Eddie in all this. It was released under an Open Source license which suggests that it can be forked and dusted off. Please excuse my naivete, but this seems like a great software contribution that deserves loving care.

All the best,


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If I'm not mistaken the Eddie project was originally developed internally at Ericsson and formed the embryo of what later became the BlueTail solution.
I remember that I watched a demo of Eddie at the EUC in -98(?).
Somehow Ericsson released Eddie as open source with the rest of Erlang/OTP, I guess.
At EUC -99 Håkan Millroth of BlueTail presented a Mail Robustifier Product based on Erlang/OTP.


There are several highly active people on this list who knows a lot more than me about this subject though.

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> Thanks for your reply, Richard.
> I somehow missed the 2013 date. The last date I saw was in 2000 plus an
> erlang-questions post regarding problems with install due to "bit rot."
> I didn't think to contact core maintainers. Somehow I feel like I'm imposting
> when I post directly to someone I don't know. But I suppose I should get
> over that. So, I will do that now.
> Thanks again,
> Lloyd
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> On 22/08/16 3:23 PM, Lloyd R. Prentice wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I just ran across The Eddie Mission. It promises much of great potential
> value but appears to be dead as a dodo.
> According to https://sourceforge.net/projects/eddie/,
> the last update was in March 2013.
> That's not "undergoing rapid development", but it's not quite "dead as a
> dodo" either.
> Did the e-mail address for any of the core maintainers work?
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