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I have been using the source code at https://github.com/okeuday/erlbench for basic micro-benchmarks, mainly for data structure comparisons.  The code is a bit basic, but is able to make sure the iterations are large enough and are repeated often enough, to avoid some GC variation that can affect results.  Then it may be possible to make conclusions based on the hardware used for testing.  The concurrency testing would require tests be done in parallel to determine how the timing result is affected, but a basic run of low-level operations would provide a starting point.

As mentioned elsewhere, making sure you are testing bignums (anything over 26bits in Erlang, likely different in Python) is important, and other details that avoid erroneous conclusions. The influence of concurrency is more important in Erlang, due to the support provided by Erlang, but latency testing of concurrency is simpler with higher-level connections to the Erlang server, rather than low-level testing that is unlikely to provide realistic GC usage.  The hardware being used for the concurrency testing will then provide more variation and it is necessary to make sure the hardware is not being throttled due to excessive heat to avoid skewing the results.

On 09/16/2015 08:03 AM, Eric des Courtis wrote:
> What is the cost model of all operations in Erlang 18?
> For example Python has this cost model http://scripts.mit.edu/~6.006/fall07/wiki/index.php?title=Python_Cost_Model <http://scripts.mit.edu/%7E6.006/fall07/wiki/index.php?title=Python_Cost_Model> .
> I either want a link to a single source for this information or I would like to crowd source the information here now.
> Thanks for your cooperation.
> Eric des Courtis
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