[erlang-questions] DB for Full Text Search

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Thu Sep 3 15:35:59 CEST 2015

On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 1:21 AM, Kannan <vasdeveloper@REDACTED> wrote:
> Team,
> We are evaluating to select a database that natively supports "full text
> search". Do you have any inputs? The following are key:
> * Erlang integration
> * Document orientation
> * Weights for different keys or keys at different depths (in a JSON
> document)
> * Performance -- In-memory should be fine.
> * Scalability

Sorry but I have to ask:

How much memory have to got?
(in-memory might be fine, but it's vague, are we talking GBytes,
Mbytes, TeraBytes?)
How many document/second do you want to index/search?
How many words per document?
How big in the corpus?
What do you want to retrieve (name of file(s) where words occur?)
Is the index write append only or must it be updatable
Is the index replicated?
What at the input documents (text, html, pdf, ...)?
What languages are the input documents in?

Without stating your requirement it is impossible to give a good answer
there is an incredible spectrum of answers.


> Thanks,
> Theepan
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