[erlang-questions] ssl:connect fail

Fred Hebert mononcqc@REDACTED
Sat Nov 28 20:15:23 CET 2015

On 11/28, Éric Pailleau wrote:
>Remind that a release come with the only needed  applications and modules,  while shell can have access to the whole Erlang applications and modules.
>But it is not magic. Your  .app file must declare things.
>See 'app' in Erlang documentation.
>'application' key must declare all  modules and applications needed by your own application, in order to relx build a valid start script.

To expand on this, make sure your application has the 'ssl' application 
in its `{application, [...]}' tuple in its .app (or .app.src) file. This 
will let relx know to pull it into the final release properly.

Another alternative is to jut put the 'ssl' app in the relx 
configuration, but this is a weaker form of it: while it will pull the 
app properly into the release, it won't ensure it is booted before your 
app does; the .app data is what conveys that information.

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