[erlang-questions] erlang D-Bus implementation ?

Jean Parpaillon jean.parpaillon@REDACTED
Fri Nov 27 17:28:36 CET 2015

Hi all,
There have been several tentative to have a pure erlang implementation
of D-Bus RPC system, most of them forks of (unmaintained) http://source

I have also forked it some years ago and use it in another project. I
can't say it's perfectly operational but at least for consuming D-Bus
services it works. Exposing D-Bus services is not possible. The
original erlang-dbus was proposing a gen_dbus behaviour for that but I
preferred to focus on robust service consuming first.

My version is there: https://github.com/lizenn/erlang-dbus/

TODO list:
- documentation ;)
- testing: test infra is operational (with travis-ci) but coverage is
really low
- gen_dbus coding
- well know interfaces coding: Properties (partly coded in
dbus_properties_proxy), ObjectManager, ...

In a far future, we could imagine OTP to include it, as DBus is used
for many services and as cros-language RPC system. The only problem
regarding OTP is most DBus implementations runs on top of UNIX sockets,
which requires platform dependant code. OTP version could be
operational with TCP sockets (implemented in erlang-dbus), with an
option of communicating through UNIX socket with ports.

Is anybody interested in contributing ?
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