[erlang-questions] Log SSL errors' originating IP addresses

Roberto Ostinelli roberto@REDACTED
Mon Nov 23 15:09:37 CET 2015

I'm using Cowboy with SSL, and I'm often seeing errors like these ones:

SSL: hello: tls_handshake.erl:174:Fatal error: protocol version
SSL: certify: ssl_alert.erl:93:Fatal error: illegal parameter
SSL: hello: tls_handshake.erl:167:Fatal error: insufficient security

And so on.

To my understanding, these are pretty normal and result from a variety of
reasons (attacks, bad clients using deprecated SSL protocols, etc).

My question is, though: is there any way to log the IP addresses that
originate these errors?
Since these happen at Erlang level, they do not even hit my application and
am unsure of what my best options are.

Thank you for reading this.

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