[erlang-questions] race condition on BEAM startup before DNS queries function

Dave Cottlehuber dch@REDACTED
Fri Nov 20 14:20:04 CET 2015

It seems there is some module or application that is required as a
dependency for e.g. DNS queries to work reliably, when the BEAM starts
up [1].

If the delay is set to 5 seconds, this lookup works reliably, if it is
0, then it fails reliably:

    erl -eval 'timer:sleep(5000), io:format("~p~n",
    [inet_res:lookup("erlang.org", in, mx)]).'

I'm stumped as to what this might be, and early attempts at debugging
created a bit too much logs for my liking ... ideas?


  Dave Cottlehuber
  Skunkwerks, GmbH

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