[erlang-questions] fannerl, erlang bindings to FANN, the Fast Artificial Neural Network library

Erik Axling axling@REDACTED
Thu Nov 19 17:19:34 CET 2015


I would like to promote an application that I have made called fannerl. It
is erlang bindings to the FANN, Fast Artificial Neural Networks, library
written by Steffen Nissen. To see more about FANN please check out:

Fannerl is a port driver that interfaces the libfanndouble version of FANN.
A lot of the functionality is interfaced, not all though, please see the
Github repo for more information.

Github Link:

Currently the only release is v1.0.0-alpha.

The github repo contains examples of how to use fannerl and you can also
read the docs there.

Consider this in alpha mode as I have only tested this on a Mac OS X
machine as of yet. I would much appreciate your help in testing this on
other platforms. Please report any problems either directly to me, or even
better use the issue tracker in github so more people can see the current

Note, Erlang/OTP version must be at least 17.0. FANN version must be at
least 2.2.0.

Best Regards
Erik Axling
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