[erlang-questions] Mocks and explicit contracts

José Valim jose.valim@REDACTED
Thu Nov 19 16:39:09 CET 2015

> The latter do work, though, IFF all concerned tests are just expecting the
> same thing from the called function... but most likely you have some tests
> that would check different scenarios. One test might check that the System
> Under Test behaves well if twitter does a positive response while another
> might check that the SUT  does  not fail in a catastrophic way if the
> twitter call gives garbage as response.

Yes. One solution to this problem is to parameterize the different
responses under the same system. For example, the username request for
"josevalim" would work but fail for "josevalim-fail". It is a very simple
solution but it can get unwieldy for complex systems where you need to test
many scenarios. In any case, I wouldn't discard this approach quickly, as
it fits simple problems quite well.

A more complex solution is to have an ownership pool where you could say:
"if this pid asks for this data, return this value". The benefit of such
system is that, if a pid has a given key reassigned without first
"deallocating" it, you certainly have a concurrency issue in your tests
where two tests need the same resource. We are building such system to
allow us to run tests concurrently even if they depend on a common external
resource like a database. We replace the regular database pool by the
ownership pool and run tests concurrently by wrapping each connection in a
transaction (works for SQL ones) or by running different database instances.

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