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Dmitry Belyaev be.dmitry@REDACTED
Thu Nov 19 07:48:22 CET 2015

Applications in erlang represent a flat list, so there may be only one version of an application used in runtime. Rebar expects all your dependencies to reside  in the ≤top-directory≥/deps after rebar get-deps. The dependencies would use this exact folder to look for their own dependencies, so there would be no ./deps/*/deps directories. 

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On 19 November 2015 4:22:14 AM AEDT, Constantine Povietkin <povetkin.k@REDACTED> wrote:
>Hi all! 
>I have an application that depends on other applications with its own
>		A
>	/		\
>	B		C
>	/\
>	C D
>Rebar get-deps command fetches dependencies to the A deps folder. As a
>result dependency B could not be compiled because of missing
>I use rebar 2.5.0.
>{deps, [
>    {C, ".*", {git, "git_path_to_dependecy", {tag, "v1.0.0"}}},
>    {B, ".*", {git, "git_path_to_dependecy", {tag, "v1.0.0"}}},
>What am I doing wrong? Or where can I read about dependency tracking
>more detail?
>Thanks in advance.
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