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PEG packrat parser generators in Erlang have a lot of scope for performance problems:
 - text character input, should use binary for large input
 - random access in lists, should use tuples for small input
 - non-memoized performance problem, multiple execution of same parse
 - memoized memory problem, possibly multiple copies of input
 - slow random character access in UTF8 binary, needs btree index?

You could also try:


but it uses a different PEG grammar, different embedded Erlang rule binding, and it's 'unsupported'.

Does anyone have any performance comparison of epeg and neotoma?


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I would suggest you to profile it with

This is very good to tool to catch this type of things

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> On 11 Nov 2015, at 22:48, Max Lapshin <max.lapshin@REDACTED> wrote:
> Our Flussonic is using neotoma to parse our own config.
> Neotoma creates parser, this parser reads text config.
> It was great, users were really happy when we changed from erlang syntax to our own syntax, but now time to pay came.
> One user came with 280 KB config file (written by hands, yes). Neotoma parser parses it during 45 seconds.
> We've met with this problem earlier in our pulsedb library, when we changed very small (one screen) parser from neotoma to yecc and got 50-100 times speedup.
> Now it is not easy to do it, because our config parser takes about 1000 lines of peg file.
> I don't undertand what is the problem with speed of neotoma parser:
> 1) is it a nature of state machines that it generate?
> 2) is it a forgotten switch [{disable_slow,true}] in options?
> or is it something else?
> Maybe there is a simple thing that we can do with neotoma for it to generate faster parser?
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