[erlang-questions] How to build and use epgsql (erlang)

Kamrul Khan dodul@REDACTED
Tue Nov 3 23:05:51 CET 2015

My erlnag program directory structure is like the below:src
I downloaded the epgsql library from https://github.com/epgsql/epgsql
then tried to build it with make which gave me the below error:make: rebar: Command not found
make: *** [compile] Error 127So then I downloaded rebar from https://github.com/basho/rebar and build it. It was build successfully and gave me the message.
Congratulations! You now have a self-contained script called “rebar”
in your current working directory. Place this script anywhere in your path
and you can use rebar to build OTP-compliant apps.
So as per my understanding I copied the rebar script from rebar directory to my epgsql directory and then tried to make again. However, I got the same error. I know I am doing it wrong, but not sure what exactly to do? 		 	   		  
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