[erlang-questions] Stop C-port in case of erlang process killed

Kirill Ratkin kvratkin@REDACTED
Mon Nov 2 17:59:18 CET 2015


I'm developing C-based program which should work as port.
Issue is when erlang process hardly killed (by exit(Pid,kill)) from
observer for example. In this case C-process doesn't see what happen in
Erlang node and continues to work. Is there some way to catch such
situation in C?

It seems C-process sees nothing when erlang processe killed. I tried to
catch signals (SIGPIPE and others). I run C-process under 'strace' and
tried to gdb it. There are no messages/signals come to C-process excepting
some read/write periodical messages which looks like heartbeat.

Maybe I need to make some 'monitor' or 'link' of Erlang process from
C-process ...

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