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Konrad Wyrozumski danrokk@REDACTED
Tue Mar 24 13:57:07 CET 2015

Hi all,

Some time ago I was working on some project and created Makefile that was
running tests. Now it looks like something has changed with erlang release
since R16 which is version I was working on.

I want to specify config used for test suites and it seems like always
Config gets values from ERL_OPTS, not CT_OPTS. Please see part of Makefile

CT_OPTS= -stylesheet styles/test_categories.css -ct_config test.config -dir
tests -logdir ct_report
ERL_OPTS=-config app.config -sname $(DEBUG_NODE_NAME) -s lager -s chat_app
-s chatest_app -s ct_run script_start -s erlang halt
BEAMS_PATH=-pa ebin  -pa ../chatd/ebin -pa ../chatd/deps/lager/ebin


How can I specify config file that is passed to init_per_suite/1,
end_per_suite/1 etc functions?
Best Regards,

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