[erlang-questions] Announcing Erlang.org Code of Conduct

Thu Mar 19 17:44:41 CET 2015

>> besides that, we share code snippets here, from time to time.
> And there is absolutely nothing wrong about using a variable width for
> code,

> Telling people that
> what works perfectly fine for them is wrong is not going to convince
> them to join your side.

i didn't tel him that he has a problem.
He said that variable width do not work well for him,
but you keep omitting his statement.
here goes the original quote:

 > In an attempt to kill the 74 line length nonsense I give you
 > a bunch of lines that are all 74 characters long. I have ordered
 > the lines by length :)
 > In relative terms the longest line, the 'W's is four times longer
 > than the shortest, the 'l's.

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