[erlang-questions] Announcing Erlang.org Code of Conduct

Laura M. Castro lcastro@REDACTED
Sat Mar 14 20:12:58 CET 2015

> If I were to critique something here, it would be that the current CoC mixes
> text on social interaction[-1] (that is, how to behave with respect to other
> people) from mailing list etiquette (how to quote, how to make older mail
> readers happy[0]).

I think this is a very good, constructive point. I agree.

Also, from other emails in this thread, it seems to me that most of
the criticisms are directed towards the second part, so perhaps
splitting the two, as Jesper suggests, will not only benefit us as a
group if/when our activity extends to other areas/tools (i.e. the bug
tracker that he mentions), but also help us to reach consensus.

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