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Sat Mar 14 17:34:59 CET 2015

On Sat, Mar 14, 2015 at 4:43 PM Peter Hickman <
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> Anthony
> My point was that Benoit posted a 293 character line while saying:
> > If your MUA is not capable to split a line correctly then I can't help
> you.
> He then goes on to say:
> > Even that poor gmail is able to do it.
> The problem here is that my MUA is gmail, the very MUA that Benoit says
> can split a line correctly but is not doing so. His statement is therefore
> false. Trying to blame my MUA for not correctly formatting his overlong
> line is arse about face. The formatting needs to be made by the author not
> the recipient. The CoC rules are about how the author should act not the
> recipient. Thus Benoit as the author of his own post should format his post
> to conform to the CoC rather than blame the recipients MUA for not abiding
> with the CoC.

Well it is, of course i am not that people that use all the windows in full
screen so I find the mail perfectly readable and never noticed. I also
didn't noticed your mail wasn't wrapped because ... I am living with my
time, and... read it on a 11" screen.

You will note that there are no way to force wrapping in gmail, neither in
Mail.app, maybe there is in thunderbird or outlook ( I didn't find it but i
may be just blind). The way people are generally do since the mail exists
is to configure their mua or editor used for sending a mail to wrap these
messages (just like in code). This is not possible in some mua, And
curiously posting at the bottom not the default anymore in modern mua
(while it was in some them some years ago). Then the questions are:

- Do you want to force people to wrap their mail (and count chars)
manually? Do you think people will really lose their time to do it?
- Why do you think bottom posting is not the default now?  And with mua
don't enforce the column limit anymore? ( I actually find this question
quite interesting).

To come back to that COC, I am not really fond to have one, i would just
skip it. But if some really want to have one then I would just focus on the
interactions, the conduct between people not to "encourage" people to adopt
a style. (which means forcing over the time like shows this thread)

- benoit
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