[erlang-questions] inet setoptions after receive data

Pedro Marques da Silva posilva@REDACTED
Wed Mar 4 01:48:27 CET 2015

Hi Erlangers,

I am doing a server to serve a flash application. When a flash client
establish a connection(tcp socket) it sends a policy request (xml format
message) and the server must reply with a policy file (xml file). After
this exchange the client can connect to the socket as a regular connection.

When I accept the connection the socket have a {packet,0} option set and
checks if is a policy request and sends the policy file back. After this I
change the option to {packet,4} but I do not receive anymore data. If I
stay with {packet,0} I will receive the binary data sent by the client

Any one knows about any problem with changing socket options after receive
some data?

Pedro Marques da Silva
E-mail Pessoal : posilva@REDACTED
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