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Mickaël Rémond mremond@REDACTED
Tue Jun 30 18:22:09 CEST 2015


We are proud to be launching the Advanced Erlang Initiative, a new group 
of companies that use Erlang as a strategic technology to craft great 
products. Erlang ecosystems rely on those publishers that are producing 
person/years worth of code to build excellent products.

The Advanced Erlang Initiative recognises that those products  in turn 
contribute to the fame of the Erlang platform. They help pushing the 
limits and contribute to the fame of our beloved programming language. 
Most of all, the Advanced Erlang Initiative acknowledges peoples energy 
and effort put in those great products to the good of every Erlang 
developer. We have created a forum for developers working with and 
contributing to those tools to meet and discuss their work.

The Advanced Erlang Initiative welcomes all developers that share our 
passion for Erlang, Elixir, the beam environment and our vision of 
technical excellence.
Our initiative is primarily centered around inexpensive highly technical 
workshops given around the world and educational videos on our Erlang 

The first two members are:

- ProcessOne, maker of the world class messaging server ejabberd, since 
- Quviq, maker of the Quickcheck property-based testing tool, innovation 
in quality assurance.

We are happy to meet you on the newly launched website: 

We are already taking registration for the first two workshops directly 
from the site:

- Quickcheck workshop: 2015, October 6th  in Gothenburg, Sweden
- ejabberd workshop: 2015, november 17th - Paris, France

Enjoy and see you there after the summer break !

Thomas Arts, Quviq
Mickaël Rémond, ProcessOne
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