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Michael Truog mjtruog@REDACTED
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On 06/16/2015 08:19 AM, Steven Proctor wrote:
> Hey all,
> I am going to be showing off Erlang (Elixir and LFE as well) running on a Raspberry Pi at our next DFW Erlang User Group (http://www.meetup.com/DFW-Erlang-User-Group/events/222986865/).
> My question for everyone here is if you have seen or played with any good projects that make an impressive demo for what the Erlang VM can do on a Raspberry Pi.
> Part of the goal is to show how lightweight processes are on the Erlang VM; I have heard mention of ~1 Million processes on a Pi, and was hoping to show something somewhat mind blowing to people who haven't seen it on a Pi, or just getting into Erlang.
> I have some basic ideas of some simple stuff to show off, but I would love to hear what you have done with Erlang and a Raspberry Pi.
Instead of the Raspberry Pi, I got 4 Odroid-C1s because they cost the same as the Raspberry Pi but have better specifications (http://www.cnx-software.com/2015/02/02/raspberry-pi-2-odroid-c1-development-boards-comparison/). I also got a LCD (16x2 characters) for each of the Odroid-C1s and had CloudI 1.5.0 (http://cloudi.org) running on all 4 (8gb microSD card with Ubuntu 14.04).  I then used a C CloudI service to work with the LCD display and a Python CloudI service to handle UTF8-art fish where each fish is a CloudI service request (dieing with the timeout, swimming between the nodes while displaying the node index where it was born).  I presented this demo at LinuxFest Northwest 2015 and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

The repositories for the the two CloudI services are https://github.com/okeuday/odroid_display and https://github.com/okeuday/odroid_fish .  You may notice that odroid_display depends on https://github.com/hardkernel/wiringPi which is a fork of a Raspberry Pi repository.  The odroid_display repository also has utf8 to hd44780u conversion for the LCD display, though it doesn't yet support the Japanese in A00 or the European characters in A01, in case you are interested.  If you want to see a clip of the fish in action, there is an animated gif at https://github.com/okeuday/odroid_fish#example .

Best Regards,

> Thanks!
> --Proctor
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