[erlang-questions] Store / use JSON structure in an nice way ?

Mon Jun 15 19:55:11 CEST 2015

Use a library for converting Erlang terms to JSON.

Jiffy: https://github.com/davisp/jiffy
JSX: https://github.com/talentdeficit/jsx

For JSX, you could do the following:

Payload = [{<<"rrsets">>, [{<<"name">>, <<"xxx.gl">>}, {<<"type">>,
<<"A">>}, {<<"changetype">>, <<"REPLACE">>}, {<<"records">>,
[{<<"content">>, <<"">>}, {<<"disabled">>, false}, {<<"name">>, <<"
xxx.gl">>}, {<<"ttl">>, <<"3600">>}, {<<"type">>, <<"A">>},
{<<"priority">>, <<"0">>}]}]}],
Options = [],

Json = jsx:encode(Payload),

{ok, StatusCode, RespHeaders, ClientRef = hackney:request(Method, URL,
Headers, Json, Options).

Side-note: maybe you could make a PR to erlcloud (
https://github.com/gleber/erlcloud) to get Route53 support in? :)
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