[erlang-questions] upgrade path from R14B02 to OTP 17.5

Tanguay, Luc (A584369) luc.tanguay@REDACTED
Mon Jun 15 18:25:25 CEST 2015


We have a Erlang/OTP distributed system running on R14B02 Windows 2008 (32-bit).  We plan to upgrade to OTP 17.5 (64-bit).   The system involves one big server that distribute files to up to 40 smaller clients, three OTP applications, many TCP links between server and clients, a small mnesia database, many calls to erlang:open_port/2 to execute native Windows programs, etc.

What is the safest upgrade path?  Go straight to OTP 17.5 or something else.   Do I have to read all READMEs from R14B03 to OTP 17.5?


Luc Tanguay, ing./P. Eng.
Bell Canada
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