[erlang-questions] Patch package OTP 17.5.5 released

Henrik Nord henrik@REDACTED
Tue Jun 2 14:20:48 CEST 2015

Patch Package:           OTP 17.5.5
Git Tag:                 OTP-17.5.5
Date:                    2015-05-29
System:                  OTP
Release:                 17
Application:             diameter-1.9.2
Predecessor:             OTP 17.5.4

   Check out the git tag OTP-17.5.5, and build a full OTP system
   including documentation. Apply one or more applications from this
   build as patches to your installation using the 'otp_patch_apply'
   tool. For information on install requirements, see descriptions for
   each application version below.

   --- diameter-1.9.2 --------------------------------------------------

   The diameter-1.9.2 application can be applied independently of other
   applications on a full OTP 17 installation.

   --- Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions ---

    OTP-12741    Application(s): diameter

                 Fix broken relay counters.

                 OTP-12654 in OTP 17.5.3 broke counters in the case of
                 answer messages received in the relay application.
                 Counters were accumulated as unknown messages or
                 no_result_code instead of as relayed messages on the
                 intended Result-Code and 'Experimental-Result' tuples.

    OTP-12744    Application(s): diameter

                 Fix diameter_sctp listener race.

                 An oversight in OTP-12428 made it possible to start a
                 transport process that could not establish

   Full runtime dependencies of diameter-1.9.2: erts-6.0, kernel-3.0,
   ssl-5.3.4, stdlib-2.0


/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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