[erlang-questions] Good example of cross-node messaging in cloud

Kristoffer Brown erlangerintraining@REDACTED
Wed Jan 28 20:09:29 CET 2015

I'm trying to develop a simple sample application that I can deploy to ec2
to test cross-node messaging. Currently I am using mnesia for clustering
which is far from ideal in this environment. What I would like to do is
have each node communicate to the other with some reliability built-in. (If
there is a network partition, retry later, etc.)

I'm well underway to creating this standalone app that will just read the
nodes of the cluster from config and use net_adm:ping to cluster and
rpc:multicall to sent the messages (retrying nodes that report failures).
This seems far from resilient. And probably not even the best practice for
such a situation.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. If it already exists, a sample
of some sort would be ideal.

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