[erlang-questions] New Erlang-related job openings at exciting startup

Tue Jan 27 13:40:11 CET 2015

why don't you begin those announcements with the most important 
filter-property: "to whom it is addressed".

you require from your employees to be residents of UK,
how many readers of the international mailing-list possess this property 

> We at Spatch <http://spatch.co/> are creating a new form of communication
> built on Erlang. A modern, federated messaging platform with mutable,
> collaborative objects being at the heart of it. Imagine what would happen
> if you took the best components of email (IMAP/SMTP), chat (IRC/XMPP) and
> collaboration (Wave)... and created a federated platform and new set of
> open protocols around it? That’s what we’re building.
> Currently looking for people who can join the platform team to help us
> build, scale and maintain the software services which define the core
> messaging components of Spatch.
> Senior back-end engineer:
> http://spatch.co/careers/1
> <http://spatch.co/careers/1>
> Senior DevOps engineer:
> http://spatch.co/careers/2
> Cheers,
> Luca Tavazzani
> Spatch.co
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