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Harit Himanshu harit.subscriptions@REDACTED
Mon Jan 26 01:40:23 CET 2015

Hello there,

I am new to Erlang and reason I started learning is because I wanted to
learn about how concurrency works and how to design such systems.

I have been through Programming Erlang book (read and worked up to Files
chapter), but I am not able to motivate or find the ideas for projects that
I must do to solidify my understanding over concurrency concepts.

Good thing is that I really enjoy writing Erlang code and want to continue.

I thought of simulating an RTB server, but there are too many components
involved and so much of data setup needed(and I do not know completely how
RTB works), that I got demotivated.

Google searches directed to *ambitious* things like IRC chat, messaging
application amongst others

Please provide your suggestions/recommendations on the projects ideas that
may help beginner to language (and concurrency) to take baby steps and
contribute meaningful in terms of projects and eventually feel confident to
design, implement and debug bigger systems.

Thank you for reading till here, really appreciate your time
+ Harit Himanshu
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