[erlang-questions] Multiple Networking interfaces on one node

Michael Santos michael.santos@REDACTED
Thu Jan 22 16:30:14 CET 2015

On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 03:58:57PM -0700, Samuel Barney wrote:
> If I have a server with multiple network interfaces, is it possible to
> communicate over all of them, or is a node limited to just one?

Sure. Are the interfaces on the same network? Then bonding the interfaces
might work. Different networks? Set up the routing table. Neither of
these requires anything from erlang.

gen_tcp:connect/3 and gen_udp:open/2 allow binding to a specific address:

    {ifaddr, ip_address()}:
        Same as {ip, ip_address()}. If the host has several network
        interfaces, this option specifies which one to use.

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