[erlang-questions] Is Erlang ideal for a global exchange?

Garrett Smith g@REDACTED
Mon Jan 19 18:12:04 CET 2015

Honestly, who sits back and relies solely on a type system to verify the
correct behavior of a high risk, socially and legally impacting application
(whatever that means)?

Use Haskell. Use C++. Use Fortran!

Who cares??

If you don't know what specific problem you're going to face enough to
narrow your language choice, I suggest you stop worrying about language
choice and start building your app with whatever language you're most
proficient in.

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 11:01 AM, xu xiut <xiut.xu@REDACTED> wrote:

> For those who were wondering what type of exchange I'm wanting to build,
> it's a bitcoin exchange with derivative contracts. I asked in the IRC room
> for some more input, and here's what I received:
> re:failure semantics of Erlang not being appropriate for an exchange
> < tristan_1> failure/recovery in Erlang has nothing to do with that
> < tristan_1> no matter the language/framework you have to decide how to
> handle these things. there isn't a way you can possible write a program
> that it won't crash at some point
> < asonge> you can design your app so that you log all requests, and make
> sure that is as tight as possible, and that you can replay them if there's
> a crash (for instance)
> There was an interesting suggestion to use OCaml or Haskell instead of
> Erlang:
> < digitalmentat> I would pick a language that gives more formal
> verification of the software properties
> < digitalmentat> Haskell and OCaml would be great picks
> < digitalmentat> I use Haskell in production for my startup and 80% of the
> dumb shit humans do (including me) is caught by that language's type-system
> < digitalmentat> anything financial is a risky business to get into and
> most developers aren't aware of the social impact nor the legal
> ramifications if they fuck something up
> My question is, would Dialyzer not be able to offer equivalent
> functionality?
> Would using Erlang as a wrapper around a well-typed core work out okay,
> does anyone here have experience they could share on this? I've never done
> this, so it would be a completely new process for me.
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