[erlang-questions] Multiple SFTP subsystem_spec() when invoking ssh:daemon/2, is it possible and how would it work?

Rabbe Fogelholm rabbe.fogelholm@REDACTED
Tue Jan 13 12:16:03 CET 2015

The subsystems option in ssh:daemon/2 and ssh:daemon/3 is list-valued, which indicates
that there can be more than one value. It is mentioned that the option value can be the empty
list, but what about multiple values?

Each list value would be a tuple created with the ssh_sftpd:subsystem_spec/1 function.
But what if the 'cwd' options are different? And what if there are multiple and contradictory
'root' options? And would it be possible a separate file_handler option for each subsystem spec?
(this is what I am after in fact).

Rabbe Fogelholm, Ericsson, Stockholm

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