[erlang-questions] Calling all blogs with Erlang content for PlanetErlang.com

Steven Proctor steven.proctor@REDACTED
Thu Jan 8 15:58:59 CET 2015

I realized I missed announcing PlanetErlang.com here, and feel the need to
remedy that mistake.

If you have a blog with a tag/category/label for posts related to the
Erlang ecosystem, I would love to have your rss feed for that tag as part
of Planet Erlang.

I have worked on bootstrapping it myself from those blogs I knew about that
have a Erlang tag and feed, but want to include as many people in the
Planet feed as possible.

If you do Elixir, LFE, Joxa, Erlog, or any other languages, tools,
"libraries", or applications around Erlang and the Erlang ecosystem, I
would love to get your RSS feed added.

To add your site, please submit a pull request to
https://github.com/stevenproctor/planet-erlang.  If that is not possible,
you can send me the name of the Author/Site you would like it to show up as
and the link to the RSS feed for your Erlang related posts and I will get
it added to the repo.

Thank you so much,
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