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Roberto Ostinelli roberto@REDACTED
Thu Jan 8 11:10:51 CET 2015

It looks like the problem is related to the fact that I'm using Ubuntu's
upstart to launch the Erlang process.

Apparently, changing the file descriptors limit via ulimit or by
/etc/security/limits.conf has no effect. Programs that launch on startup
via “upstart” do not get these limits applied to them:

The solution is to use the "limit" stanza in the script.

Hope this helps anyone else with the same matter.


On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Jon Schneider <jon@REDACTED> wrote:

> Could it be due to FD_SETSIZE ? Even if Erlang itself might be able to
> handle many more sockets there are still things constrained by this.
> Jon
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