[erlang-questions] Is Erlang ideal for a global exchange?

Jared Kofron jared.kofron@REDACTED
Mon Jan 5 21:23:37 CET 2015

It's a hard question to answer, but I can give you some proxy data.

Until recently I was maintaining an Erlang application that was processing
data requests in a laboratory - get the value of this sensor, start that
process, etc.  Communication took place over HTTP and was mostly between
the Erlang app and a CouchDB node which did not live on the same physical

When I "stress tested" the app with several hundred concurrent processes
that were requesting data (and each transaction took several ms or more to
process), the latency was flat compared to a single requestor running in as
tight a loop as possible.  Granted, there was some resource competition in
the app so some of those requests were running serially - BUT, processing
many hundreds of requests per second was nowhere near enough load to cause
any issues at all.

Not sure if that's any real help, but my two cents.

On Mon Jan 05 2015 at 10:14:38 AM xu xiut <xiut.xu@REDACTED> wrote:

> I am looking at using Erlang for an exchange. If I'm lucky, my transaction
> volume will be 100 - 150k day or about 4000 transactions/hour, about
> 1.5/sec At this rate, maybe Erlang wouldn't be necessary, however, would it
> be the case that Erlang provides better semantics surrounding failure
> compared to other languages and their ecosystems, and so, even then it
> would be a great tool choice?
> Is Erlang ideal for scaling out such an exchange? I wonder what is the
> minimum number of trades a second that would be difficult for erlang to
> process. I realize it's difficult to answer given the trade execution path
> isn't described, but it's the first question that comes to mind when I
> started thinking about the language of choice.
> Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed, and thank you for letting me
> share this here!
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