[erlang-questions] Force rebar to use a different protocol

James Kingsbery 06jameskingsbery@REDACTED
Fri Mar 28 21:56:28 CET 2014

There's a project I'm looking at for work on github. Like most Erlang
projects, it uses rebar to build. Most rebar projects specify their
dependencies using the "git://github.com/..." format (eg: "git://
github.com/DeadZen/goldrush.git"). However, my company has a firewall that
prevents hitting repositories using the git:// protocol (and ssh traffic in
general). Downloading the same dependencies (directly with git or via
rebar) "https://" works fine. However, changing the rebar.config files
doesn't scale well for projects that have lots of transitive dependencies.
Is there a way to tell rebar to use the https:// version instead of the
"git://" version?

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