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Wed Jan 15 18:53:13 CET 2014


Well, not the most performant, but serializing all db access through one gen_server process
should be the simplest solution.


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> Hi,
> Is there a way (some app or whatnot) to do transactions in dets without
> mnesia? In my project there are many similar clusters of small dets files,
> independent of each other - many directories, each directory contains dets
> file with data and a few other dets files with some related data, statistics
> on this data, indexes and denormalization data, most of time all these
> tables are closed. Are there any more or less standard solutions to do
> transactional changes in each of such cluster so that data in all files
> inside a directory would be consistent? I really don't want to write my own
> versioning db engine ridden with bugs and locks.
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