[erlang-questions] transactions in dets

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Wed Jan 15 18:48:46 CET 2014

Have you looked at the global module? Specifically global:trans
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 00:59:19 +0400
From: donpedrothird@REDACTED
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Subject: [erlang-questions] transactions in dets

Hi,Is there a way (some app or whatnot) to do transactions in dets without mnesia? In my project there are many similar clusters of small dets files, independent of each other - many directories, each directory contains dets file with data and a few other dets files with some related data, statistics on this data, indexes and denormalization data, most of time all these tables are closed. Are there any more or less standard solutions to do transactional changes in each of such cluster so that data in all files inside a directory would be consistent? I really don't want to write my own versioning db engine  ridden with bugs and locks.

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