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Sean Cribbs seancribbs@REDACTED
Mon Jan 6 18:22:17 CET 2014

Woops, GMail sent my message before I was ready. Here's the link for [1]


Sean Cribbs

On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 11:21 AM, Sean Cribbs <seancribbs@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hi Erlangers,
> I'm happy to announce a long-awaited version bump to Neotoma[1].
> The main feature of this release is the removal of several dialyzer type
> warnings in generated parsers: namely, unused parser-combinators are elided
> via macros.  Thanks to Kostis Sagonas and Anthony Ramine for help in
> diagnosing these errors.
> Breaking Changes:
> If your parser uses the included line/1 or column/1 functions, you will
> need to define the 'line' or 'column' macros, respectively, at compile time
> or in your global code block.  Future releases might inspect inline code
> blocks for usage of these functions and include them for you, but that is
> not present in this release.
> The 'neotoma_peg' module has been moved to the test/ directory as it was
> only used for testing the combinators. I'm sorry if anyone was using this
> module outside Neotoma.
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