[erlang-questions] Univs starting with Erlang

Laura M. Castro lcastro@REDACTED
Mon Aug 18 09:42:06 CEST 2014

For the record (since this thread seems useful for information
compilation/search purposes) the University of A Coruña has been
teaching Erlang for a number of years now, although not to all CS
students. In the old study plans (that became extinct this year),
there was a 2nd year 'Declarative Programming' subject, compulsory, in
which we learned Caml and Prolog, and then a 4th year 'Functional
Programming' subject, optative, where we were taught Haskell and
Erlang (I took this back in 2002).

In the new plans, already in place, we went from a 5-year scheme to a
4-year scheme, so a handful of subjects were removed/merged/created.
We 'lost' Functional Programming, and the successor of 'Declarative
Programming', now named 'Programming Paradigms' had no room for
teaching Erlang. Instead, we have introduced Erlang as teaching tool
in two subjects: 'Concurrence and Paralelism' (2nd year, compulsory),
and 'Software Architecture' (3rd/4th year, compulsory for students
with a 'Software Engineering' specialization, optative for students
with a 'Computer Science' specialization).

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