[erlang-questions] Error while upgrading Erlang 17.0 from 16B

Deryk Barker dbarker@REDACTED
Mon Apr 28 21:43:07 CEST 2014

On 14-04-27 08:10 PM, lloyd@REDACTED wrote:
> Hello,
> I suppose we all have those days when our computers defy our intentions, hopes, and ambitions. Here's my third in as many days:
> Following the "Installation Using Repository" instructions on https://www.erlang-solutions.com/downloads/download-erlang-otp, the system returned a very long error message while trying to upgrade Erlang 16B to 17.0 on Ubuntu 13.10:
> Breaks existing package 'erlang-appmon' that conflict: 'erlang-appmon.' But the '/tmp/esl-erlang_17.0.1-ubuntu-saucy_amb64.eeb' provides it via...
> Is there a generous wise person in the house who can tell me if I'm doing something stupid again, or if there's something I don't know, or if there's a problem with the Erlang-Solutions package and, mostly, how can I get past this problem?
I claim no great expertise, but I needed to replace the erlang on my 
laptop because it was suffering from the "debugger crashes when I move 
the mouse" problem - a bit of a drawabck for demo'ing stuff in class to 
my students.

I failed to upgrade to 17.0 (I'm running Mint BTW, an ubuntu derivative, 
as you doubtless know).

So, in something approached desperation...

dpkg -r erlang

which removed that but left all its dependencies, which required

apt-get autoremove

to get rid of them, then I could do:

dpkg -i esl_erlang_whatever.deb

and install the new version. I downloaded the debian package BTW.

Hope this helps even slightly...

Deryk Barker, Computer Science Dept.
Camosun College, Victoria, BC, Canada

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